How to clean your jewellery with baking soda


A TikToker has gone viral after revealing a simple trick to restore your sterling silver jewellery to all its shining glory in just 2 minutes! All you need is a bowl, hot water and baking soda..

Emma then placed her 925 sterling silver jewellery into a bowl lined with aluminium foil, added baking soda and poured hot water over the top. A few minutes later and ta-daaaa, it was transformed from dull to shiny almost instantly!

'You can use this on earrings, necklaces, anything with real diamonds or fake diamonds, just as long as it's 925 [sterling silver]' Emma said. 

So what’s the science behind it all? Well it’s believe a chemical reaction occurs between the baking soda and silver when the hot water is added, which removes any dirt and tarnishing.

In the comments Emma also recommended using a toothbrush to carefully clean each piece followed by a polishing cloth, ‘'I work at Pandora and the best way is to soak it in warm soapy water and scrub gently with a toothbrush! Use our polishing cloth, it's how we do it!' 

Since being published, the video has been viewed a staggering 948,000 times and received hundreds of comments. Check it out below and if you give this a go with your Cameo jewellery be sure to let us know! 

@emmarararara wowwwwww definitely worth trying #jewellery #silver #hack #cleaninghack ♬ original sound - Ash Atkinson


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