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The Story of Cameo

Let me tell you a story about a girl who lived in a far off land who wanted nothing more than to have her ears decorated with pretty piercings… But in this far off land, all that existed were scary piercing parlours that attached titanium bolts and bars with skull faces to ears and noses and other body parts - this really wasn’t the look she was going for!

So our hero of this story took herself off on a body piercing course to learn the skill herself even though her gothic classmates wondered how this girl with silver studs and a sparkly belly bar could ever claim body piercings were her passion.

She took her new qualification back home and started to realise just how many fellow maidens were on the search for pretty piercings themselves… where could they find a flower, something with sparkle, a nose hoop with a gem?

And so the world of Cameo was born… a brand that came from passion and experience… jewellery for piercings that can be worn like accessories. Why should we wear decorative jewellery only in our lobes, around our necks and wrists? Why not sparkle from our daiths, conch and tragus too?

Cameo body jewellery is a feminine collection of the prettiest of piercings for the modern day woman.

We hope you agree x